Vintage Junk Taking Over

It seems like the term vintage or throwback has taken over, and we are listing our favorite “throwback” items you can add to your holiday wish list this year.

Surge Soda- our favorite green 90's drink is back with a kick. You can once again grab some of this green liquid gold for your fridge on amazon.

Lisa Frank Stickers- time to decorate those binders, lockers, and desks once again with over 1200 Lisa Frank stickers. Art may have been some time, but nothing says you can't add a little 90's art to your new laptop. Plus don't forget your Lisa Frank Folders, Eye Shadow, and Coloring Books

Moon Shoes- time to bounce through the house again with classic moon shoes. Who doesn't remember almost breaking an ankle with these amazingly fun and dangerous (see our most dangerous toys of all time list). Grab a new pair now on amazon.

Nickelodeon Gak- what betters better than Playdoh and more retro than kinetic sand? Well obviously it's their big brother GAK. Nickelodeon Gak was ever kids dream, I mean who didn't want to play with Nick slime, and now you can once again.

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers- it may not be "ok" to sniff normal markers, but Mr Sketch has your back with your favorite 90's scented markers. Now you can have the scent of Grape or Watermelon on all your legal documents again with this 12 pack of Scented Markers on Amazon.

Steve Madden Platform Shoes- Grab yourself some height with these very retro platform shoes. What was considered out of date and old a couple years ago, is making a strong comeback in fashion. So why not get ahead of the trend and grab a pair of these platform shoes before they sell out.

Goosebump Books- I have spent years searching high and low to finish my original collection of Goosbump books, but if you don't have that type of dedication you can grab a brand new set of the original series on Amazon now. Who doesn't remember fighting over the school library copies of these haunted fun stories?

Tamagotchi- Your parents wouldn't let you get a real dog or cat when you were little, so you resorted to these virtual pets. Now you can revisit your childhood with these little electronic buddies.

Easy Bake Oven- having your own oven as a kid made your world feel complete. You no longer needed to rely on your parents for nourishment. You had full access to all things delicious. Now you can once again bake all your meals on a 40watt lightbulb, so grab yours today.

Stretch Armstrong- who else ever wondered what was inside a Stretch Armstrong? Who else spend weekends with their friends trying to stretch Mr. Armstrong with their friends to see just how far you really could pull him? Well now you can use all your adult strength to answer your childhood questions. Plus don't forget about themed Stretch Figures: Batman, The Flash, Superman, and more.

Dr. Dreadful Lab- the last thing on our list was one of my FAVORITES, and now it can be your favorite too (or again). This gross and disgusting "lab" gave everyone the chance to create the nastiest foods and fun money could buy. Relive your childhood with Dr. Dreadful Lab series. Plus they also have mini series like: Snot Shots and Bug Lab

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