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Hypnosis Show
"Sleep With The Best"

Hypnosis shows are one of the most popular college entertainment today, and it is hard to find a hypnotist that can connect with students.  Matt is the youngest hypnotist performing in the college market, which helps him connect with students.  

His show is more relevant for college age students than any other show, it has been specially designed with students in mind.  The jokes, the situations, the stories all have a college base.  You will not find a better show, with a more relevant feel than this one!


Matt is one of the most booked performers in the college market today for a reason, his show is funny, amazing, and flat out the best choice.  Do not miss your chance to have one of the funniest hypnotist in the world at your campus.

Matt is able to get insane amounts of people on stage, unlike other hypnotist.  There is no other hypnotist in the market today that can handle an audience like Matt Grisham.

Matt has also won 8 NATIONAL AWARDS for his performances…..including 4 time variety performer of the year.

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