Best Movie/TV Cars

-Matt Grisham

Sometimes a car, truck or other vehicle can steal a show for the viewers. These inanimate objects can become just as important to the viewer as the actors are to the plot. Today we are going to break down our top 10 movie vehicles.

10. Knight Rider KITT

Knight Industrues Two Thousand or KITT for short was considered a main character on Knight Rider and still lives in the minds of millions. The 1982 Pontiac Trans Am with a LED lighted grill and all the bells and whistles was the dream over every 16 year old in the 80’s. KITT had an AI system that was voiced by William Daniels and room as much screen time as The Hoff on the popular series. This vehicle is still today one of the top built replica vehicles around the world

9. The Monkees Monkeymobile

This insanely unusual car was built using a 1966 Pontiac GTO, with a 389-cubic-inch V-8 and hydramatic automatic transmission. Many people confuse this vehicle with being a George Barris build, but this car was actually built by customizer Dean Jefferies. Barris did later acquirer the vehicle after production on the show finished. This extremely stylized GTO took only ten days to complete, even though it had an extreme amount of customization. Though only two original vehicles were produced and used the memory of this unique pontiac will not be forgotten.

8. Spy Who Loved Me- Lotus Espirt

Better known as “Wet Nellie” this submarine car was specially built for the bond franchise and to this day is still one of his most memorable vehicles. The car, though really only a car in name, was a specially built submarine that was made to appear like a Lotus Espirt 1 sports car. The vehicle required to drivers (in dive suits, as it was not water tight) to pilot. Though the vehicle in real live bared no resemblance to the final version in the film, it is still on our list for uniqueness. The ”car” is now owned by Elon Musk, who plans to rebuild the vehicle using current tech.

7. A-Team Van

This has to be one of the most unglamorous vehicles on the list. The 1983 GMC Vandura was far from sleek and stylish. The A-Team made vans cool and everyone wanted their big red stripe and spoiler...heck I still do (hmmm maybe a good next build?)

6. Dukes of Hazzard- General Lee

There is absolutely no one on this planet who doesn’t instantly know what that special horn meant. The Duke boys must have gotten into a jam again, which can only mean one thing....let’s jump this ditch. The 1969 Dodge Charger with the giant Dixie Flag, that made everyone thing driving fast in the dirt was easy. There wasn’t anything super special about the build on these, as the production went for more quantity then quality. Over the years they went through over 300 Chargers while filming the series, many of which ended up in junkyards or destroyed. This hasn’t stopped Replica builders though across giving Chargers everywhere a little something to whistle dixie about.

5. National Lampoons Family Vacation- Truckster

Widely remembered as one of the ugliest yet beloved movie cars in our list. The truckster the vehicle that took Clark and the Griswolds across the country to Wally Wold. The original vehicle was a Ford LTD with a high amount of ugly and useless modifications. The green machine is hardly forgettable though and could be the highlight of your next family trip. Replicas come up for auction rarely, but remember it’s an investment into family fun.

4. Jurassic Park- Jeep

Though all the vehicles in Jurassic Park have their own memorable moments, the Jeep holds this writers heart. The only has powered vehicle which allowed it to save our favorite cocky writer, and ultimately send Newman (Seinfeld reference, for those living under a rock) to his death. The 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara edition had one of the coolest paint jobs on our list today (sorta partial though). The sand color paint and red Stripes makes this vehicle one that can be spotted for miles. The Jurassic Jeep is one of the most built replicas in the world today, with Jeep’s usually being easily assessable and cheap.

3. The Flinstones- Flintmobile

The great George Barris was five the task of being this cartoon vehicle to life in the Live action Flinstone movie with John Goodman and Rick Moranis. A total of three vehicles where built for the movie, one of which was stationary for close up shots. The vehicles where completely custom built using a steel framework and fiberglass bodies.

2. Ecto-1

Who are you gonna call when you want a sweet ride? Evidently Cadillac, because this famous ghostbuster on wheels was build with a 1959 Miller-Meteor Cadillac hearse/ambulance combo. The huge ghost fighting hearse will forever be a dream in list builders mind as very few where actually built. Finding this vehicle in the wild would be like winning the lottery.

1. Batman- Batmobile

While there has been many variations ove the years of this classic caped crusaders wheels, there is one thing that stands true....everyone wants a Batmobile. Whether your a classic 1960‘a fan or a modern day Darl Knight the batmobile a fan favorite. The original was built using a 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept vehicle, later in the Tim Burton films a Impala was adapted for the chassis, and the tumbler after a Lamborghini Aventador. No matter how you cut it, this car tops the list of our favorite Famous Vehicles.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE CAR? Tell us in the comments below.

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