Gotta Catch Catch them all the Detective Pikachu Review.


-Matt Grisham

Being a 90’s kid I went through the time, just like we all did of trying to collect all the rarest Pokemon. I will say though I was never really a fan of the cartoon/movies. This being said, when I heard Ryan Reynolds was playing Pikachu in the new film my interest had been peaked. So did this cute little yellow detective live up to the hype?

Let me start off with the technical aspect of the movie and CGI. Visually many of the characters are AMAZING. The time and work put into making Pikachu come to life had to be insane. The character really shines and his design and graphics are amazing. The attention to detail on his fur and the realism in it is outstanding.

The Pokémon themselves are put together with super detail. If you haven’t seen it check out the trailer and take a moment to admire Mr. Mimes ”dodge ball” shoulders.

Every little detail can be vividly seen and almost felt. All this being said, not all characters are created equal. Personally I felt Mewtwo looked as if they forgot something. His feel felt out of place and color graded incorrectly. The skin tones seemed off and made him feel like more of an add in rather than a real living being.

So what about the plot? The story wasn’t horrible, but felt like they were riding the line between kids movie and a grown up Pokémon flick. The trailer covers the funniest parts, which slows down the overall flow. The storyline itself seems to lose some steam towards the end as if they had a beginning and end, but wasn’t sure how to get there. The twist and turns seemed mildly predictable (hence the kids feel), but not overly obvious. All this being said, it was a totally enjoyable experience And one you won’t want to miss. Ryan Reynolds gives another great sarcastic performance as only he can, and really brings Pikachu to life In this live action Pokémon adaptation.

Make sure to check out the movie in theaters, and let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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