Words You Use Wrong-Vintage, Antique, Old, Remake/Replica,

Your probably using these words wrong all the time with collectible, and have no idea. So stop looking stupid and let The Rusty Raptor help.

So What up with the wording on old collectibles. Everything from cars to furniture have a market and that market can be confusing. Are you looking for antiques, vintage items, plain old or what?

Let’s start off with Antique, one of the words that gets misused most often. I mean let’s be honest how many times have you made a trip downtown to check out the local Antique shop, hoping to find something cool from the 80’s? The word antique usually refers to something that is at least 100 years old...yes 100 YEARS. This item is also usually perceived as having value because of its visual aesthetics or historical significance. This means that most antique shops have been using the name incorrectly for years. So see it’s not your fault you have been given incorrect info your entire life.

Whats up with Vintage then? Vintage is a word that refers to items that are 20 or more years old. Yes...I know what your thinking, “Hey, I’m Vintage.” This category contains a wide variety of time frames and it’s most likely be things from your lifespan. The term vintage is sometimes also intermixed with retro in some circles. The word retro originally came into light to cover up the wording out of style or outdated. (our favorite kind of stuff)

Those less saucy people may use the term old when they are unsure which above terms applies. Old can easily cover a wide spectrum of age ranges and is the hardest to define. We use it from everything to, ”Did you throw that old pizza box away”, to “Hey, where is that old record.” It should be the least used term from this list when describing products, or items that have a collectible purpose due to it’s widely non-descriptive definition.

In many collectible lines there is a category of items that fall under the remake or replica heading. This category of items can be from any time period, but are usually created to look as if they are antique or vintage. Remakes and replicas have had a huge boost in the last few years in the toy market. The reduced amount of actual vintage toys on the market for collectors, has caused an increase in the market demand for remakes. These items have their own collectibility, but also create issues for collectors looking specifically for real vintage items.

Each category can demand a different price point for purchase. Every day that passes a new item because vintage or antique, causing its price to increase in the sales market. Understanding that time changes constantly can help you stay up to date with the changing market and make you an informed buyer.

This extended version of your English class has been brought to you by The Rusty Raptor. Be informed, be cautious, and be on the look out!


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